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Friday, December 9, 2016


Learning Board

Letter G

Color Red

Shape- Heart

Numeral- 7

Name Practice- Magnetic Letters

I am so getting the Grinch App. I am surprised I don't have it yet lol



Poem Hey there Mister Grinch

Art~ Handprint

I am going to do on cardstock and hang on our tree.

Math/Life Skills/Science Triple Toss 

10 sided dice

Journal- Color the ornaments

Snack-  Grinch Popcorn

Story- How the Grinch- continue reading the book

Fingerplay DVD

I am going to print a pattern using poster size on green paper.

Math/Life Skills/Science- 
Reindeer non-standard measuring it's to honor Max :)

Journal- Draw 7 hearts color with red or draw a 7 and add red hearts.

Snack- Green Pinwheels

Story  How the Grinch- continue reading the book

Math/Life Skills/Science

I am going to add some plastic hearts to it as well. I think they came from Target's Dollar Spot.

Journal- Draw a large G color in or paint! I would trace an outline on another piece of paper and glue in later :)

Snack- Grinch Punch 
I am not really liking any punch recipe lol
So I'm using:

green sherbet 
lemon lime soda
green food coloring

Story How the Grinch- continue reading the book

Fingerplays- Welcome Christmas

Art- Whoville Stocking  
I am going to free hand a funky stocking shape and print these out and Froglet can glue them on. 

Math/Life Skills/Science Red & White candy canes

Just use a pipe cleaner and white and red pony beads. Make a red/white pattern. (ABAB pattern, math)

Journal- add stocking or hang on your tree

Snack- Red Heart Rice Krispies

Shopping List:
Paint- green, yellow
Heart cookie cutters
Construction paper- various colors
Green glitter glue
Liquid Starch
Red and White pony beads
Pipe cleaners

Rice Krispies
Red hearts (maybe lol)
Red M&Ms
Mini Marshmallows
green tortilla shells
sandwich meat or cream cheese
green sherbet 
lemon lime soda
green food coloring

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