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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WeekS in review: Grinch and Christmas

I was so annoyed that the food coloring just sat on the bottom...

Some... yes some of the Grinch clothes, I personally own lol

I know I called for Nutter Butters,
but I saw these and they worked just fine!

hummm.... sensory bins are fun they said...
at least he helped clean up the mess lol

Froglet took out all of the bells and candy canes and hung them on the tree lol

Different trees because we didn't have a tree cookie cutter!

Roll-ups were a hit! Surprised I am!

Grinch Popcorn

OMg.... I went through two bottles of glue and was wayyyyyyyyyy over the 10 minutes to make and so much frustration! 
It is always fun though.

Our dog did not like the Grinch,
he chewed off his ear and a hole in his neck... on the other side lol

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